"Knowledge Farm" emergency center at Bet Berl offers emergency veterinary services, intensive care and hospitalization services under the supervision of Dr. Zeev Gans; specializes in medicine of dogs and cats (American Boards of Veterinary Practitioners).

Our Emergency hospital setting offers a partnership with the regular veterinary team who takes care of the pet on a daily basis. Our goal is to assist your regular veterinarian in providing optimal veterinary care when the seriousness of your pet's condition exceeds the medical services provided at the regular clinic. Our team works through open communication with the primary veterinarians, continuously updating them regarding your pet's condition and future treatment plan. As soon as your pet's condition improves enough, we refer it back to the care of the primary veterinarian.

The uniqueness of "knowledge Farm" Emergency Center is in the fact that all the veterinarians on our team, practice emergency medicine exclusively and have a wide experience doing so in Israel, Europe and the United States. In addition our emergency center reside under the same roof of "knowledge Farm specialty center", which host some of the best specialists in Israel in the fields of Surgery (orthopedics, soft tissue, arthroscopy and endoscopy), Radiology (radiography, abdominal and thoracic ultrasound and CT), Oncology and Internal veterinary medicine. The specialists are available to consult on complicated cases.

Our hospital is equipped with state of the art equipment including; blood pressure and ECG monitors, pulse oxymeter monitor, full scale in house blood analysis laboratory (hematology, chemistry, electrolytes, acid base, coagulation panels) which provides results within 10 minutes. Oxygen tents to treat animals in respiratory distress, oxygen generator, anesthesia machines, inhalation/nebulization, advanced imaging equipment and surgery suits.

The emergency center offers hospitalization services and intensive care services under the direct supervision of an attending veterinarian 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! We are available to treat any medical veterinary problem at all times.

There is no need to set up an appointment to "knowledge Farm" Emergency center, but when at all possible we recommend that the primary veterinarian contact our team to inform us of previous history, treatments etc to ensure optimal care for your pet.

Second opinion consultations are available with our Medicine specialist Dr Gans, by appointment only! For a consultation for medical history and data from the referring veterinarian will be required.